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About KTM Hankook Sarang

We blend tradition and innovation, presenting authentic Korean flavors with a modern twist.

Founded in [Year], KTM Hankook Sarang was born from a passion for authentic Korean cuisine. We take pride in preserving heritage recipes while infusing innovation, offering a culinary journey that encapsulates the heart and soul of Korea.

Our culinary journey celebrates the authentic flavors of Korea, crafted with passion. Experience Korean warmth in every dish and embrace the heart of Korean Hospitality at our cozy restaurant. Discover the heart and soul of Korea at KTM Hankook Sarang where every bite tells a story of tradition and taste.

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Dress and Dine

Immerse yourself in a unique fusion of tradition and taste at KTM Hankook Sarang’s Dress and Dine event. Adorn Korean attire to complement the exquisite flavors of authentic Korean cuisine. Create unforgettable memories amidst an ambiance blending Korean warmth with sophistication. Reserve your Dress and Dine encounter for an evening of elegance and exceptional dining.


Elevate your special moments at KTM Hankook Sarang’s Celebration Space, designed to transform occasions into timeless memories. Our elegant venue offers a warm and sophisticated setting, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings. Experience meticulous service and authentic Korean cuisine, ensuring every celebration is unforgettable. Contact us to reserve our space and curate an exceptional […]

Discover Korean Delights

“Taste the Essence of Korea – Explore Our Diverse Menu of Authentic Delights.”


Experience the taste of Korea delivered to your doorstep with KTM Hankook Sarang’s Home Delivery service. Indulge in authentic Korean cuisine from the comfort of your home. Explore our curated menu, place your order conveniently online or by phone, and await prompt delivery. Relish the rich flavors and essence of Korea without leaving your home. […]

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